Static Solutions


Benefit: Reduction of Dust and Dirt

Benefit: Improved Material Transfer

Benefit: Improved Metallic Orientation

Stat-Gum: Best Practices

Myth: We don’t have a problem with static

Myth: We Use Anti-Static Wipes and Sprays

Myth: I’m a Good Painter, I Don’t Need That

Myth: We Polish Everything Already, So This Won’t Save Us Time

Myth: It’s too expensive

Myth: We use waterborne paint…..we don’t get static

Stat-Gun demonstration by Claire Cleland.

Watch our demonstration video of Stat-Gun in action.

See Stat-Gun in action at Aston Martin


Jordan Salt from Chesterfield College, instructional video for Students.


Stat-Gun Operating  Instructions

Technical Paper – The Application of Ionising Sources

Click here to download our technical paper - The Application of Ionising Sources