Static Solutions

What our customers say

Since we began using the Static Solutions Stat-Gun we have seen a remarkable improvement in the reduction of ‘dirt inclusions’ on completion of the refinishing cycle in the paint shop. Once the anti-static Stat-Gun has been blown over the prepared vehicle, the vehicle appears to be instantly resistant to dust partials. This obviously reduces the need for polishing and heightens the overall quality and speed of our repairs. The gun has proven especially useful for new un-primed bumpers and plastics, (the bumpers supplied by Toyota and Lexus).

Les Goode, Bodycentre Manager, Jemca Toyota (Toyota Centre of Excellence)

McLarens Accident Repair Centre has used the Stat-Gun for a number of years now and we would not be without one now. The Stat-Gun is easily the most used piece of equipment in our paint shop apart from spray guns, It greatly reduces dust & dirt not just on plastics but all parts, creating a greater level of finish and improved throughput. Seeing is believing.

Michael Brown ATA VDA MIMI, Bodyshop Manager

I saw the Stat-Gun demonstrated along with Bryan Young at the ITAS training school. My first impression was, I wish I’d had one of these when I was still on the paint shop floor. The results were stunning. We prepared a bumper and used the Stat-Gun prior to any painting. The difference with and without is quite remarkable. It’s like the dirt, debris that floats around the panel to be painted just “avoids” it. This product from what I’ve seen could save the body shop a lot of time in not having to de-nib and also in paint because of not needing to re-paint when the panel has too much dirt inclusion to polish. It was proven to me that one could, with careful use, achieve a finish straight off the gun. Also it allows much better paint transfer efficiency, thus reducing the amount of product required per panel.

Jeff Mack, Mazda

I love Stat-Gun and I will not be giving this piece of equipment back. I use it every day and it saves me time and energy as there is no static and it gathers no bits of dust or dirt. As such it saves me around eight hours a week in downtime meaning I can do more work in the same space of time. I believe this is a fantastic product.

Mark Croucher, Head Painter, Border Cars

The painters themselves really wanted to keep the new Stat-Gun after the initial free trial, as they found it really easy to use and they really appreciated not getting as many inclusions which makes their jobs easier. We’re all very happy with it!

James Pickett, Bodyshop Manager – Sytner BMW Sheffield

The Stat-Gun eliminates static in problem areas like plastic bumper and blends instantly, eliminating dirt ingress, base coat tracking. This reduces our prep time and rework which is a major cost saving for us. The Stat-Gun plays a major role in our quality approach to body repair.

John Forret, Bodyshop Manager, Eastern Western Motor Group

“The reduction in dust and dirt in the paintwork was nearly 70%. This increased the number of jobs we could get through and the reduction of working time on any individual job will more than pay for the Stat-Gun!”

Peter Finn, Business Development Manager at Bodywork Direct

Just a quick note to thank you for the demo on the stat gun, although I was pretty sceptical about your product to begin with, the demo and the continuing use of the gun has only highlighted to me the importance of such a device. So much so that I have now incorporated it, as best practice into the ATA training and assessment procedure.


Paul Todd, Workshop Manager, Barnett & Southgate College

“Since using the impressive Stat Gun the paint team have found base coats laying down better including blend panels. It has made a big difference with Plastic Panels when Priming and Painting, as it has reduced primer furring upon application. It has had a positive impact on Polishing and De Nibbing too, as less time is required as panels are much cleaner, which long term will make a difference on polishing material and electricity being used in this process. A very good product that we are happy to highly recommend”

Chris Browne, Bodyshop Manager, Pertwee & Back

All our painters use Stat-Gun and it is integral to our paint process at all five of our current sites.

Mark Baldwin, Director, East Bilney Coachworks

We have been using Stat-Gun for many years now at Gaydon and Whitely, they reduce dirt inclusions and help the base coat lay down better. As we pant many different substrates Stat-Gun is invaluable.

Gary Maltby, Paintshop Supervisor, Jaguar Land Rover

Stat-Gun has been a massive success!! Coupled with the new spray booth we have not had to flat and polish any painted part for nearly two weeks which is a massive saving to me.

Chris Williams, Director, Martin Williams (Hull) Ltd

M&M have been users of the Stat gun for a number years now, we saw the potential from the first introduction and still have that belief to this day. We have seen increased quality and productivity throughout our usage so it’s naturally become part of our refinish process. Our paint technicians use the Stat gun on every part of the paint process and feel that the gun has become a vital tool in their armoury to ensure the perfect paint job. The gun is used every day and on every job, because it’s simple yet robust. Static Solutions provide a great service with where necessary, quick, efficient, enabling the confidence of no loss in production.

Adrian Leese, Operations Manager, M&M Fix Auto, Stoke